and she's shaking like a revolution (thenjeffsaid) wrote in stuffinboxes,
and she's shaking like a revolution

Trading Cards
Super Hero Edition
User Number: 510103
Date Created:2002-03-28
Number of Posts: 195

jeff is from longisland. he likes to read and write and pretends to know what he's doing with a camera. humor him and leave him a post when he shows his pictures. he likes music. he likes belle and sebastian. he likes illustrated novels now. he also likes dimly lit rooms. coffee. drinking. the city. shows. and love.
Strengths: sexy, razor sharp wit, humor, the mole, jackie, willingness to please, unending intelligence.
Weaknesses: humble, hahahha, tears, fear of failure, fear of never being happy with myself. kryponite.
Special Skills: haha. many. plays violin. is infact an evil villan. can steal your soul with his nikon.
Weapons: nikon 885. kung fu grip. karate.

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hey i do that too! (pretend i know what i'm doing with a camera!)
it yields interesting things.